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We design the best kombucha tea blends, supplies and ingredients to brew your own Kombucha! Our supplies make your brewing experience easy, affordable and enjoyable. Join us to spread the love for kombucha!

About Our Teas

Black, Green and white teas are perfectly mixed to produce a Kombucha with the right level of flavor balance and healthy benefits of the fermented teas.

What´s In Your Kombucha

Filtered water, tea, organic sugar cane, bacteria and yeast are mixed in two step process to transform the tea into a fermented beverage, naturally carbonated and full of probiotics.

100% Natural Beverage

Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that can be brewed with different herbs, fruits and flowers to produce an aromatic and natural beverage with plenty of health benefits.

Healthy Benefits

Kombucha and fermented teas are known for their nutritional and digestive support, boost the immune system, detox your body and helps to increase energy levels.